"Recommended!" Banquet Omakase Special Course ¥ 8900

8900 yen

  • 4persons
Reservation deadline
Visit of hope the day before until 22:00

Recommended course for banquet! Enjoy a full of stomach from appetizers to dear ones ♪ ※ 120 yen changeable with +2000 yen with all you can drink!

Course menu

◆ appetizer

◆ Building Today's Recommendation

◆ Pottery Seasonal Fun

◆ Vinegared thing Oyster vinegar, eel chisa etc.

◆ Recommended for fried food

◆ pot

※ You can choose from hemp and supan.

◆ porridge

◆ pickles

* It is possible to change it with 120 yen minute all you can drink with 2000 yen!

※ Course contents vary depending on purchasing situation.

※ Reservation required by the day before

2018/04/19 update