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【Lunch Menu】 Tropoan Lunch 2980 yen

【Lunch Menu】 Tropoan Lunch 2980 yen

2980 yen

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Lunch time at reasonable prices with turpentine cuisine known for high-quality ingredients.Serve in one lump pot individually.The Tuppon used is a domestic product.Soup boasted for a long time cooked has no habit, and customers who say it is the first time surely can satisfy you.※ 11: It will be accepted from 30 ~ 14: 00.

Course menu

【Day Menu】 ※ 11: It will be accepted from 30 to 14: 00.

◆ salad


◆ bowl product

◆ pot

◆ rice

◆ pickles

◆ Freshly ground coffee

Japanese confectionery

It is a food ingredient loved for a long time.

Akashi club 's supanpan is delicious until soup and can be drunk.

Plenty of collagen with the original taste ◎

Beauty effect is outstanding.

Since we are using carefully selected domestically produced suppuku, you can enjoy it from beginners.

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